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Over a thousand candidates have worked with me to evaluate their dream of independent business ownership. By providing a specially designed strategic approach that incorporates a learning process, when you’re ready to take control of your future and become your own boss, please call or e-mail me. Together we’ll determine if you are ready to realize your dream right away or in the future.

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Steve Valentine
Business Coaching Expert

Steve Valentine began his franchise consulting business after more than 20 years of corporate and business ownership experience. In almost 17 years Steve has served hundreds of people who decided that franchising was the right choice to become a business owner. Steve will thoroughly guide as you search for the franchise opportunity that is your perfect match.  His services are available free of charge for those seeking to fulfill their dreams of owning a successful business.  Read more about me here…

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As an expert with over 20 years of experience in the franchise industry you’ll gain assistance through his PROVEN FORMULA franchise based method to find you the right franchise!

-Jasen M. Scottsdale, AZ

If you’re not working with Steve Valentine at T 2 T Squared, and his access to top franchise brands, you will likely invest in the wrong franchise. Make a great decision. Don’t bet your hard earned money on a decision of this magnitude. Steve is a professional who will make the difference in the choice you make.

-Jonathan W. Lexington, KY, My New Business

Nothing makes us more nervous or frightened than breaking out of our comfort zones, and when we break out of the comfort zone of our career, well, that can be terrifying. We are assaulted by a dozen questions at a time….”Who should I talk to”…”What should I ask”…”What are other options”. Steve not only answered all my questions, but gave me many more to ask prospective franchises. He countered my trepidation and uncertainty with candor and never once told me that that I shouldn’t listen to that little voice inside my head. If you are thinking about investing in a franchise, I can think of no one better than Steve Valentine to speak to. If you have already decided to invest or have gone so far as to choose which franchise, I would still give Steve a call. You might be surprised by the amount of information and experience he has.

John Dorcic

For those ready to explore business opportunities, but just don’t know where to start, we would highly recommend working with Steve Valentine. Over the course of several months, Steve helped us find the perfect opportunity. Steve first took time to get to know us, by asking a series of great questions to hone in on why we were seeking business ownership and what our dreams and expectations were. Steve would also give us little homework assignments to help us further discover what we wanted in a business. He was able to then bring opportunities to the table that matched our talents and finances. As we discovered businesses we were interested in, Steve helped organize meetings with all the key stakeholders until we narrowed it down and found a match. Steve was a great mentor and he even prayed with us throughout the process. He kept asking questions to ensure we found a business that fit us. Today we are the proud owners of a great franchise. Thank you Steve!

Darrell & Denise Fleming

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